DHI (Direct Hair Implant)

DHI is a more desirable technique because unlike FUE, there are no micro incisions and the result remains better.

Hair transing with DHI technique, graft, removing with a special device, is directly ingrafted to the bolding zone so it causes less injuries on graft. The removed grafts are implanted directly on the bare areas using a “Choi” pen. The operation lasts longer than the FUE because the grafts are placed in this pen one by one. However by dividing session intervals, providing both the patient and the doctor rest, more healthy process can be performed.

Advantages of DHI Technique

Among its advantages indicated by some hair restoration experts are as follows;

  • Reduced time of grafts remaining outside the body, thus ensuring strong and healthy placement of the grafts.
  • Adequate hair follicles survival rates.
  • Reduced bleeding during the creation of the recipient area. Reduced trauma during graft handling, thus leading to less damage in the blood supply to the implanted area.
  • Fast recovery during the postoperative phase, the patient can return back to his/her normal routine quicker.
  • The recipient site does not have to be shaved, as it is a more suitable procedure that enables this condition

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