Hair transplant is a solution to patients suffering from severe baldness, androgenetic alopecia, and allows to have hair for life. This operation is also practiced for patients wishing to cover scars, but also suffering from diseases causing hair loss. During hair transplantation, the grafts are taken from the back of the head, which is the donor area.

In men, the hair follicles located at the back of the head are insensitive to the hormone DHT (dihydro-testosterone), and therefore do not fall out.

This operation is performed by specialists in a sterile environment and in accordance with medical standards. At Hair Trans Turca, our medical teams are qualified in this sector and provide quality service.

FUE Method Hair Transplant

This is the most developed method nowadays. In medical jargon, we talk about “gold standard” for the FUE method because it allows patients to obtain a natural result.

The medical equipment used during the operation also allows patients to have a better result. The FUE method is divided into several operating techniques, which are:

– Classic FUE (with micro motor)

– FUE Robotics

– DHI (Direct Hair Transplant – FUE operation practicing with a pen injector that we call Choi)

  • FUE Sapphire (made with sapphire tip)

Operations performed with the Sapphire method are by far the best and have been for many years. The reason for this success is the quality of the material used which leaves less traces when opening the canals and allows faster healing.

Hair Transplant Process

The hair transplant is presented in 3 steps:

  1. Extracting the grafts
  2. Opening the canals
  3. Implantation of the grafts

Extracting the graft

The first step is to remove the grafts one by one via a cylindrical punch. The diameter of the punch used varies according to the size of the graft to be taken, between 0.7mm and 10mm.

There are different punches, all adapted to the patient’s hair types (smooth, frizzy, curly …).

These punches are chosen by the doctor before the operation and depending on the nature of the patient’s hair.

Opening the canals

In this step, the opening of the canals is done with a steel tip called Slit, for the classic FUE method.

Micro incisions are made according to the orientation of natural hair, which allows new hair to grow in the same direction.

The tips are changed during the FUE operation in order to make micro incisions accurate and quality.

At Hair Trans Turca, we use Sapphire tips.

Implantation of the grafts

The last step is to put the grafts one by one where micro incisions have been made.

In the DHI technical, the grafts are placed one by one using the Choi pen.

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